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At Custom Culinary®, we're here to conceptualize and realize the processing products that you need to meet consumer demands. No matter what your needs may be, we're happy to serve as a supplier, a consultative culinary partner or anything in between. Our product development team stays on the forefront of new ingredients and techniques to develop customized formulas that make a true impact on your sales. We also offer flexible packaging and format options plus a rigorous safety and quality program to ensure that the products we've developed fit your expectations and requirements. Our focused team of experts looks forward to working together with you to envision custom solutions for your specific processing needs, backed by the extensive resources and commitment to excellence for which Custom Culinary® is known.


Home meal kits have reinvented home cooking by cutting out the prep work that usually discourages home cooks from exploring more ambitious recipes. They deliver speed-scratch quality at a significant value that appeals to all consumer segments, especially millennials and young families. They also represent an opportunity for experimentation with less familiar flavors and cuisines. Processors can leverage this desire to step out of culinary comfort zones by offering exotic ingredients and flavors that resonate with consumers. Try Custom Culinary®'s dry, concentrated and ready-to-use sauces in globally-inspired ethnic flavors to add a touch of worldwide flair to your home meal kits.

14.3 million households purchased meal kits in the last six months of 2018
23 percent of american households say they would consider purchasing a meal kit in the next six months
$93 million of full meal kits were sold in brick and mortar stores in 2018
Ingredient Introduction. 39 perent of consumers say meal kits enable them to work with new ingredients.
Meal kit experimentation. 72 percent of consumers like meal kits because they allow them to try ethnic foods.
A taste of what's new. 58 percent of consumers say meal kits help them try new things they'd never think to make at home.

Custom Culinary true foundations bases brochure

Custom Culinary® True Foundations Bases Brochure

Find out how to deliver true authetnic flavor Responsibly with Clean Label True Foundations Bases from Custom Culinary®

adapting to today's NEW HEALTHY brochure

Adapting to Today's "New Healthy"

Download your free copy of one of our recent white papers.


Hearty chicken soup with ancient grains

Hearty Chicken Soup with Ancient Grains

A colorful, appealing assortment of vegetables and ancient grains puts a functional ingredient spin on the classic chicken soup recipe, featuring Custom Culinary® Gold Label True Foundations Chicken Base.


gold label true foundations chicken base

Gold Label True Foundations Chicken Base

This great Chicken base delivers authentic made-from-scratch chicken flavor with clean, simple ingredients – using only consumer recognizable Ingredients.