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The Healthcare channel encompasses three main segments – Hospitals, Long-Term Care and Senior Living – and each segment comes with its own unique set of needs and requirements. One of the biggest challenges in healthcare lies in the enormous scope of the consumers who interact with the channel on a daily basis. In addition to patients and residents, operators also have to account for staff members and visitors. Evolving to meet changing tastes while crafting delicious, nutritious meals at a reasonable price point is key for healthcare foodservice success across all dayparts.


flavor focus: Better for you 

While healthy foods would seem like a natural part of healthcare, that hasn’t always been the case. In recent years, though, better-for-you options are finding their way into both patient/resident feeding as well as meals for employees/staff with an increase in low-sodium, vegan and vegetarian dishes. This is in direct response to consumer desires. Among those surveyed, healthier food items and produce-focused foods are the two most appealing food trends in healthcare.

Better-For-You Menus in Action

  • To create great-tasting dishes without the added salt, use Custom Culinary Gold Label Low Sodium Bases (Chicken, Beef or Vegetable) as a foundation for a hearty soup or stew.
  • Embrace the new push for plant-forward comfort foods like meatloaf. Turn to Custom Culinary®  PanRoast® Low Sodium Gravy Mixes for the rich, traditional taste that consumers love! 
  • Increase the volume of soups with fresh seasonal vegetables and supercharge the health factor of meatloaf by mixing mushrooms with beef for overall less fat and fewer calories.