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NEW! Indian-Inspired Sauces


Fragrant seasonings—including chilies, coriander, cumin, cloves and mustard seeds—deliver an incredible depth of flavor to curries, cooking sauces and marinades, often with a coconut milk or yogurt base. And with the current popularity of comfort food, it’s no surprise that Indian sauces on this creamy end of the spectrum are found on mashup menu items like pizza, tacos and burgers.

For operators taking a more authentic approach, these sauces beautifully complement lentils, paneer, eggplant and cauliflower, just a few of the plant-based ingredients that play starring roles in Indian dishes.

Meet The Lineup

Indian-Style Butter Sauce

Rich and smooth with a velvety texture and a luscious buttery flavor. The perfect balance between tangy and sweet, with a blend of warming spices and savory aromatics. 

Chef’s Tip

This creamy, fragrantly seasoned tomato sauce is a contemporary alternative for many classic tomato sauce applications.


Menu Inspiration

  • Chicken Cutlets with Tomato Makhani Sauce: Tandoori-seasoned cutlets of chicken simmered in Indian-Style Butter Sauce served with basmati rice, fresh coriander, and classic cucumber raita

  • Use as a pizza sauce, with garam masala dusted tofu, chickpeas, chicken, or grilled vegetables  - or try one of these Indian-inspired flatbreads

  • Toss with chicken wings

  • Tomato Makhani & Alfredo Sauce (Parma rosa style)

  • Indian-style Tomato Sauce pasta applications

  • Add equal amounts of grilled vegetables and Indian-style butter sauce (ratatouille style)

  • Grilled fresh fish with Indian-style red sauce

  • Biryani-style rice and vegetable-filled corn tortillas smothered with Indian butter sauce (enchilada style)

  • Shrimp tomato Makhani over lemongrass-scented rice

  • Chicken cacciatore variation

  • Garam masala dusted vegetable or chicken ziti pasta

  • Indian butter chicken pasta bowl


Suggested Plus One Applications

  • Blend Indian-Style Butter Sauce with Coconut Curry Sauce

  • Make a tikka masala-style sauce by adding char-grilled jalapenos and cilantro

Tikka Masala Sauce​

Robust and versatile flavors are brought together with earthy, warm and slightly spicy notes. Creamy, with a vibrant orange-red color.

Chef’s Tip

For richer recipe flavor depth, lightly dust vegetables or proteins with garam masala or tandoori seasoning for each application.


Menu Inspiration

  • All Indian-Style Butter Sauce recipes and applications work well with this richer, complete traditional sauce.

  • Tikka Style “Naan-Wich”: vegetables, grilled shrimp,  fish or chicken simmered in tikka masala sauce with charred jalapenos in warmed mini naan bread, grilled vegetables with Indian green chutney or jalapeno- or harissa-infused coleslaw.


Suggested Plus One Applications

  • Blend Tikka Masala Sauce with Coconut Curry Sauce

  • Blend Tikka Masala Sauce and Harissa Sauce

  • Blend Tikka Masala Sauce with Beurre Blanc or Alfredo Sauce

Coconut Curry Sauce

A medley of aromatic spices and sweet coconut delivers a bright combination of sweet, spicy and slightly nutty flavors.

Chef’s Tip

Suggested accompaniments include classic basmati rice, cucumber raita sauce, fresh Indian or Thai green chutney, jalapeno relish seasoned coleslaw or harissa-infused coleslaw.

Menu Inspiration

  • Rice or Noodle Bowl Fresh Vegetable Stir Fry with tofu, vegetables, or shrimp over lemongrass rice

  • Coconut Curry with Chickpeas, Tofu, and Squash with butternut squash, seared tofu, chickpeas, spinach, and fresh coriander tossed in an authentic Coconut Curry Sauce

Suggested Plus One Applications

  • Blend Coconut Curry Sauce and our Harissa Sauce for a delicious Roasted Red Pepper Coconut Curry Sauce.

  • Blend in turmeric for a bright pop of color 

  • Add assorted in-season grilled colorful vegetables for a Coconut Curry “Primavera” variation for Pasta, adding tofu, chickpeas, spinach, etc.

Bring the Heat!

We understand that everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to heat. That’s why we take great care in
crafting our new lineup of Indian-inspired sauces to cater to a variety of palates. Whether your guests are spicy fans or
prefer milder flavors, our versatile sauces are perfect for traditional meals and fusion creations, like tikka masala tacos.
We’ve created a heat matrix that includes everyday staples like cayenne, red pepper flakes, and sriracha to simplify things.
No need for specialty ingredients - use what you already have in your kitchen to control the flavors and costs. Developed
and tested by our culinary team, this guide helps ensure effortless exploration.

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