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Custom Culinary 2024 Food and Flavor Outlook

Get inspired with
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​"As we become more connected, our world gets smaller—presenting an opportunity to understand how and why dishes came to be. If you dive deep into any particular cuisine, you’ll find that traditions, seasonality and storytelling are just as important as the ingredients themselves."

-  Chef Mark Serice Vice President Global Culinary, Griffith Foods

Let’s explore our 2024 Food & Flavor Outlook!

The Fermented Future


Though fermentation is one of the world’s oldest preservation techniques, it’s finding new life as an exciting catalyst for food innovation. Fermentation can be used to extend the life of seasonal, local ingredients while introducing consumers to globally inspired flavors. These foods offer the intriguing possibility of wellness benefits, as many contain live probiotics that can be beneficial for digestive health and may contain more bioactive or bioavailable end products such as vitamins or other compounds.  


Pocket Food Perfection


Nothing beats the convenience and craveability of handheld pocket foods, where various carriers, proteins, vegetables and sauces come together and deliver a mouthwatering experience. There’s an inherent ease and casual nature to pocket foods, many of which can be found as street fare around the world. Hungarian kolbice, Brazilian coxinha and Indian kathi rolls, to name a few, are packed with flavor and easily eaten on the go, without the need for utensils.


Rooting for Vegetables


Despite being sustainable, nutritious and delicious, vegetables are often relegated to side dishes instead of center of the plate. No longer an afterthought, it’s time for vegetables to shine! Today, many brands and chefs are looking at the plant-based revolution from a new perspective, taking a simpler approach that puts vegetables in a leading role. Vegetables are being elevated through flavor-boosting preparations such as fermenting, pickling, grilling and roasting.


Taste The Plate South America


Merging local, indigenous ingredients with those brought over from Europe, the distinctive cuisines of South America balance flavor and technique in unforgettable ways. Elements of Venezuelan, Brazilian, Argentine and Peruvian cooking have been shaped by history, geography and immigration—and, in turn, they are influencing the development of retail products and menu items all over the world.

Sipping on Inspiration


Flavor inspiration for restaurant offerings and product innovations can be found everywhere… including the beverage menu! Beloved drink flavors and unique regional beverages are crossing over into exciting new applications. From effervescent soda and champagne batters to hearty bourbon and coffee dry rubs, adaptations of beverage flavors help operators and manufacturers play into the sweet-and-smoky, sweet-and-salty and sweet-and-savory flavor combinations that today’s consumers love.

Unstoppable Umami 


Though sometimes described as the “fifth taste,” umami is more than just a perceived flavor. It’s a sensation, a culinary experience and a concept that elevates food to new heights. From fermented fish sauces like garum, dating back to ancient Rome, to more contemporary inventions like Australia’s beloved chicken salt, the desire to capture the delicious, memorable nature of umami takes on many forms.