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Delivering authentic flavor, responsibly.


Building better menus from the ground up! Wholesome products from Custom Culinary uphold the standards of quality you already know and rely on.  We're making our bases even better by offering products without undesirable ingredients - including added MSG, trans fats, gluten, artificial colors, modified food starches and Big 9 allergens such as wheat and soy.

true foundations®  bASES

Bases for the way your patrons are eating today.  These clean label bases were developed to meet consumer demand for clean, simple ingredient decks.  Our wholesome bases deliver incredible made-from-scratch flavor and are available in four flavor varieties for the ultimate in culinary versatility.

Clams and Linguine in a white sauce

true foundations® liquid stock concentrates

No Mess, No Mixing.  Flavor when you need it.  These products bring authentic chicken, beef and vegetable flavor profiles to your menu in a truly convenient format.  Our quick-dissolving formula means you can create rich soups, stocks and marinades in an instant-or pour on the flavor straight from the bottle!

Steak and Vegetable Protein Bowl


Delicious soups, braises and marinades start with a perfect base. And with Custom Culinary®, the possibilities are endless. Our True FoundationsTM bases and liquid stock concentrates are easy to use across menu applications, saving time and labor while improving consistency in finished dishes.

Custom Culinary Flavor IQ
FlavorIQ® enables our customers' growth and success by approaching the creation of customized solutions with a bold mix of expertise, aspiration and curiosity. We develop unique products, menu concepts and "gold standard" flavor delivery systems, meeting the requirements of our customers today and anticipating their emerging needs, too. The opportunities we identify for operators and food manufacturers on a global scale are rooted in a deep understanding of the culinary arts, sensory science, consumer insights and food science. Our ultimate goal? Innovation without limits.