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Custom Culinary® bases are truly best-in-class. From traditional paste and granular formats to our newest liquid concentrates and ready-to-use Asian broths, we offer an impressive selection of flavor-forward bases suited to every back-of-house need. Custom Culinary® bases are made with the finest ingredients, for quality and performance you can rely on.


<span style="color:#B22222;"><em><strong>NEW</strong></em></span>  Gold Label True Foundations<sup>™</sup> Liquid Stock Concentrates
Custom Culinary<sup>®</sup> Asian Broths


Versatility beyond compare

Delicious soups, braises and marinades start with a perfect base. And with Custom Culinary®, the possibilities are endless. Our bases are easy to use across menu applications, saving time and labor while improving consistency in finished dishes.

Create soups and stocks with made-from-scratch flavor

  • Use as the foundation for rich sauces and gravies
  • Develop menu items that meet nutritional demands, such as low sodium, vegan or gluten-free
  • Infuse flavor into cooking liquid for grains and vegetables
  • Try as a marinade, rub or glaze for proteins
  • Ready to use, straight out of the jar—for flavor in an instant