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From Sip to Savor

Beverage inspiration is moving beyond the bar and onto the plate. Wine, beer, and spirits are transforming the way diners consume familiar flavors, whether it’s through a Bloody Mary cocktail sauce, margarita guacamole, or a bourbon BBQ chicken pizza. And while cocktails make an excellent platform for sauce, glaze and marinade innovation, not all beverage-inspired menu items need to be booze-infused. Matcha, coffee and tea can be found across all parts of the menu, from matcha risotto to cold brew coffee cheesecake to salad with sweet tea vinaigrette. Even unconventional beverages are having a moment. Consider the creative menuing surrounding the cereal milk craze—everything from milkshakes to doughnut icing can be seen with this nostalgic ingredient! Whether you choose to go sweet or savory, there’s no denying the whimsical appeal of a beverage-inspired food item. As a bonus, creative adaptations of these flavors can also boost check averages by encouraging patrons to purchase beverage pairings with their meals. We’ll drink to that!

Mojito Mint Sauce on Grilled Lamb chop 

A classic flavor pairing - lamb and mint - takes on new life when it's transformed into a cocktail-inspired creation:


Whether you’re looking to create a protein marinade, a dipping sauce or a memorable dessert, Custom Culinary® products bring beverage-inspired flavor to your menu. Try these recipes as thought-starters!

Kentucky Bourbon-Glazed Chicken Wings

Burgundy Demi
This elegant, flavorful sauce combines Custom Culinary® Master’s Touch® Demi-Glace Sauce Concentrate with Burgundy wine—the perfect accompaniment to any grilled, roasted or sautéed meat.
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Kentucky Bourbon-Glazed Chicken Wings
It couldn’t be easier to flavor up piping hot fried chicken wings simply toss in Custom Culinary® Gold Label Kentucky-Style Bourbon Sauce and garnish with thinly sliced green onion.
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Tequila Citrus Chicken
A cocktail-inspired marinade of tequila, triple sec, lime and lemon juices, Custom Culinary® Master’s Touch Roasted Garlic Flavor Concentrate and Custom Culinary® Gold Label Chicken Base adds zesty flavor to sautéed chicken and colorful bell peppers.

Orange Coconut Island Green Beans
Tropical juices make these sautéed green beans memorable, flavored with Custom Culinary® Gold Label Chicken Base, garlic, chili peppers, ginger, orange, lime and coconut.
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Orange Beer-Battered Fish Sandwich with Harissa Tartar Sauce
A deep-fried orange and beer-battered cod fillet on a toasted brioche bun, dressed with bibb lettuce and a zesty tartar sauce made with Custom Culinary® Gold Label Harissa.
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Yuzu Matcha Bomboloni

Yuzu Matcha Bomboloni
Light, fluffy Italian doughnuts filled with Custom Culinary® Matcha and Vanilla Custard, rolled in granulated sugar and served with a sweet, tangy yuzu lemon dipping sauce. 

Cold Brew Corned Beef Tacos
Marinate beef brisket in Custom Culinary® Cold Brew Coffee and Chipotle Brine for 5 to 7 days before boiling, chopping and serving in warm corn tortillas with smoky adobo chimichurri sauce and seared queso fresco.

The Brewer’s Brat
A beer-marinated brat grilled and served on a pretzel bun with beer cheese sauce, crispy onions, Custom Culinary® Pale Ale Onion Apple Chutney and sliced green onion.

Steak and Egg Croque Madame
Roast beef and Gruyère cheese sandwiched between two toasted baguette slices, slathered with Custom Culinary® Champagne Blood Orange Hollandaise, Fontina cheese, a sunny-side-up egg, orange zest and fresh chives.

“Old Fashioned”-Glazed Pork Belly Poutine
Tender roasted pork belly covered in Custom Culinary® Smoked Old-Fashioned Glaze, piled high on a bed of thick-cut fries and gooey cheese curds, then smothered in bourbon-infused gravy.


Chef's Perspective: Booze Infused Foods
Chef's Perspective: Booze Infused Foods

For centuries, chefs have been using spirits and alcohol for accentuating, embellishing and delivering big flavors into their cuisine.

Tap Into the Power of Happy Hour
Tap Into the Power of Happy Hour

Create delicious experiences that meet the demand for grazing and snacking.

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